A brief world history

Please note that this is a work in progress and subject to change at the GM’s will.

Several millennia ago the world was split by war. Races banded together in uneasy alliances in a struggle for survival and domination. The races of light were led by a small council made up of representatives from all the races who fought on their behalf while the darkness was ruled by demons and devils. The war raged for generations before the council of light finally admitted that they were in a no-win situation. They gathered their strongest oracles and clerics and begged the gods for aid. But even the gods themselves could not lead the light to victory. Not yet.

The gods of light sacrificed a large portion of their power to bring the war to a stall. Together with the 1,000 most powerful divine and 1,000 most powerful arcane casters, they were able to seal away most of the demon army. However the plan was not perfect and a chunk of the light’s army and many innocents were also sealed away. Though very tragic, the light could not risk breaking the seal and releasing the demons.

Over the generations, the forces of light inside this realm have struggled for survival. Some have even managed to thrive inside this hell. Both sides know that the demons could have easily overrun the stragglers trapped with them, but what would be the fun in that? The demons seem to allow them to build and breed simply so that they can be preyed upon and taken for slavery or worse. Some even think that the demons need the races of light to fight against them so that they do not grow weak and are easily overrun when the seal is broken. Nobody knows for sure.

A brief world history

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