Notable landmarks

A medium sized village located in the northern forest. The town is mostly owned by the Rilnal family (who owns the lumber mill).

The largest city and capitol for the allied races. It is ruled by a human king, but his council is made up of representatives for various races.

A famous allied city-fortress run by a dwarven general. It is said only the truly insane serve there and its forces are made up strictly of volunteers. Located at the base of a volcano, nearly every night for the last 500 years demons, devils, and other nightmares have poured out from underground caves surrounding the city and stormed its gates. Rumor has it that even in death, Primghar soldiers continue their watch during the day to give the living time to rest so that they may fight again the next night.

Terre Haut
The southernmost permanent encampment of the allied races.

A merchant city located at the mountains that separate Primghar and Garretson from the rest of the realm. It is said “If you can’t find it in Strafford, it probably doesn’t exist”


Notable landmarks

Cavea de Opacus Duality